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Dangerous Fixation


  REIKA Reika is a mage that can cast only ice type spells and appears to have some physcial adept abilities as well. She has black hair, icy-blue eyes, pale skin that's cold to the touch. BRRRRRR!!! Don't mess with this ice maiden boys. She's as cold and professional as she looks. But if you're looking for someone to toss the mojo, hire her, the job you get is worth the cold shoulder.

  ANGEL Young and beautiful, cold and alone, Angel is a crack cat burglar. She is the original cat who walks by herself, and all people as well as places are alike to her. Angel's a real Cheshire Cat, here one minute gone the next, not even leaving a trace of a smile behind. One of the better security specialists I've got on my list. Want to go places? Let her open the doors.

  STARSIGHT Looks like he's from an old movie, sounds like he's from an old movie, fights like that old movie is real. Tall, dressed in black, and severe, he's good for the job.  

  LYTA Shalyta is a demolitions expert. She can demolish an office building, explode a lock, or lay a mine field all with equal ease. They always said it was the quiet ones you had to watch. Isn't that the adage? Well, once again catechism proves true. Behind that quiet face lies a snapshot mind, and an attention to detail that only comes with a job where one wrong move means your life.

  SEVERIAN Severian is the typical Rigger...he drives and where he can't drive he'll send a drone. Severian can do anything from building and repairing vehicles to running with the best of them. Celtic, rigger, and style. That's what you get with Severian. If ya need anything patched or modified he's your man. He delivers results that'll satisfy any Johnson.

  ZIPLINE Zipline is an undead looking freak and outcast who's become good at a little bit of everything. A snap shot with his Barret sniper rifle, he's a self-professed hacker wanna-be and absolutely deadly in melee with his glowing mono-filament spurs. Very much used to working alone, Zip's actions speak louder than his words. Cold and seperated from society, he disdains idle talk and useless sentiment. You might almost call him inhuman...but not to his face.

  WYLDE CHYLDE A Japanese, gun-toting, ex-Red Samurai, homicidal maniac elf with a penchant for kneecapping idiotic team members. His professionalism and skills have earned him the respect of everyone from Aztechnology to the Japanese Red Samurai to the Vampire Nation. He's got a wry sense of humor and a directness that's refreshing to see in the Shadowrunning crowd. But don't let his manner fool you. Underneath his 3-piece suit and Oakley e-wires he's ready for just about anything, from hanging out with a spastic feathered serpent to negotiating a deal with Lofwyr.

  TALON A master of himself and his surroundings. A true artist, veritile and unpredicatible. He's flashy but so very polite and proper. Talon is a gentleman on the outside and a showoff on the in. He also can toss the magic stuff with the best of them, throwing an impressive fireworks display.

  STEEL With black-blue eyes and hazel eyes, Steel is what his name says, nothing gets through him. His many cyber-enhancements and love of fast cars reinforces the name further. Steel's like every other street sam on the street. With one notable exception. Boys and girls, this Razorguy is hungry, he has the edge that will keep his side alive and the other side, very, very less so.

  GABRIEL Gabriel is an oxymoron -- an assassin/corporate espionage expert with a sense of honor. A former Lone Star officer and military covert operator, he is brutally efficient in his methods and fiercely loyal to his friends (the few he has). Gabriel's a touchy sort, the very model of the Trid's archetypical Samurai. But don't let his gaijin appearance fool you, this man is the terrible avenging angel while on the job.